The Need for High Quality Commercial Stock Photography for Your Business

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Your Own Commercial Stock Photography

A selection of high quality commercial photography that represents your business at your fingertips is a real asset to your presence. When you own a large collection of images that signify your business and what you do moves you ahead of your competitors. This quality collection that you continue to pull from for various needs over time establishes your business intellect. This assortment of photographs will allow you to stay relevant in your field.  These images of your business will be used in your marketing schemes for: advertising, social media, website, brochures, newsletters, proposals, emails, etc. There may be situations where an image will be requested by the media for usage. The local paper or even a magazine editor may request an image of your operation to compliment a story or article related to your industry. Maybe you want to create a new social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) to keep your clients updated and to have a social presence. Being able to quickly send an email with photos of your product(s ) to a new client can often lead to that ever important final sale.

The most common reason a company doesn’t have their own stock photography is because they weren’t able to find the right photographer. Searching a photographer that best fits your needs can be daunting.  I will provide you a few encouraging tips below to help you with this all important process.


Millions of Photographers

As you begin your online or Google search, the results can return hundreds of photographers in your area and many that are not. This can be overwhelming and can lead to an end in your research before you even really begin. Perhaps you even called a few photographers and you just weren’t able to connect with the right one for the job. My suggestion would be to be very specific in your searches by using the name of the largest city near you, the specific type of field you’re in, and exactly what you are looking for. For example, “Commercial Agricultural Photographer Eau Claire, WI” rather than “Farm Photographers in Wisconsin.”


Many companies are located in rural, and sparsely populated areas throughout the nation. A deterrent could be that these areas may not have any commercial photographers locally and the cost for a photographer to travel to you in may impact your decision.  I firmly believe the right photography is worth the cost. Find the perfect fit for you, use the photography they provide you as often as you can, and the travel fee will be well worth the cost.

The Right One

There are many professional and quality photographers in your area, but finding the best fit for your business is more difficult than initially thought. They may identify themselves as commercial photographers, but after research you see mainly wedding images on their website. There may be situations where you can’t find the style of photography that you think best fits your brand or style. It might even be that your business deals with sensitive procedures or is slightly hazardous. These are all real concerns that others run into as well.  Finding the right person for the job is a real challenge, and one I understand. Do your research, spend time on their website, read through their references carefully and don’t be afraid to call their references or people you know have worked with them.  Specific searches as mentioned above and looking through their portfolio to find photos that best represent your company’s needs could lead to finding the right one. This will narrow down the list to those that have already dealt with some of the ins and outs that your business has. You can then contact them and ask direct questions about your concerns. An example would be a heavy steel component manufacturing plant that is poorly lit for photography. You would want to ask if they have proper apparel including steel toed boots along with enough lighting equipment to cover a large area. If your company has sensitive material or proprietary tooling, you may want to ask if images will be secure or in password protected galleries. Whatever your concerns are, you should feel comfortable with who you choose to work with. 

travis_dewitz_pines_portrait_suit_thumb_webI specialize in commercial photography services like this. Corporate photography can also be considered industrial, business, commercial, executive, editorial, media, or even agricultural depending on the exact nature of the shoot and what the client wants captured visually. I give my clients a variety of images to choose from including many unique and captivating imagery. The client will receive environmental portraiture,  detailed close-ups, overall scenes, action captures, and anything else it may take to fulfill what they need. You can go here for more Commercial Photography Information.

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