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Manufacturing Website Photography

D&S Manufacturing’s new website is live and impresses visitors to their page with the contemporary update. Foremost Media out of Janesville revamped this business page in their design of this original website; which is a vast departure from their previous site. This new design is not only modern looking, but is much more user and mobile friendly. I was eager to capture many aspects of their Black River Falls, WI manufacturing plant. They manufacture exceptional quality, medium to large-scale steel and aluminum components, assemblies, and complete weldments. D&S desired new and updated photography of their plant, equipment, and their finished manufactured assemblies.


D&S Manufacturing can handle metal fabrication, machining, welding, finishing, and assembly all in their newly expanded plant. Their highly experienced employees are masters at their crafts and have high-end equipment at their ready including robotic welders, fiber laser cutting system, and new bridge mill.


Lighting is a major obstacle when high quality photos are necessary from an interior of a plant. Low and poor quality lighting is the cause, but with external light sources this can be overcome. Additional challenges that I was confronted with, included high contrast conditions with active welders working and the large-scale of the equipment and finished products. I was able to get the pictures they sought after and delivered the client a diverse selection of choices for their new website.


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